1. TheOldMan's Gallery
     I'm a retired radiologist, since 14 years living in the countryside of middle of Sweden. I took up photography again 10 years ago and then bought Canon equipment. So far I have stayed with it (with a few exceptions like Sony A7s). Primarily interested in nature, especially in wildlife. We raise red deer in an approx. 160 ha enclosured park and I've spent many hours studying the behavior of red deer. We also raise mini Shetland ponies. About 3 years ago (EOS 5D MkII) I took up videography, which today takes up more of my time than still photo. Videos are almost all documentary and of  very important for my ethological studies (red deer).     Since 2010 I'm limited in my ability to walk due to a chronic illness of my lower spine. This has to a high degree restricted my mobility and and my possibility to go to remote places.

     My other "illness" is the GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome), which recently lead me to invest in the new Canon EOS 7D MkII. After giving away my old EOS 7D I didn't have any small sensor camera and the MkII was a given choice. I also got Tamron 150-600 mm lens, primarily for bird photo/video. So far I'm very happy with this combination. There is a blog post with tests of this new tele zoom.

     I have started to link to my videos (on Vimeo) by providing links in the Album description for albums where I have videos stored. 

     My family has a website that contains a lot of photos and links to a lot of videos:  www. backahojden.se
Parts of this website is private, but there is something for everyone to look at. Language is Swedish!!!

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